UK Visiting Fellowship

Shovana Sarangi

Children in the Museum

To acquire professional training in the children's museum education at the Museum of Childhood and V&A museum, London.

Sila Tripati

Monsoons and the Maritime: Trade in India from an archaeological perspective

Before the discovery of the monsoon winds by Hippalus in AD 45–47, the mariners of the east coast of India were aware of the monsoon wind and currents and used them for maritime trade. The maritime trade from India to Southeast Asia was a seasonal phenomenon. The distribution of Buddhist settlements, discovery of varieties of pottery, beads and inscriptions along the ports and trade centres point to active maritime trade between India and Southeast Asia.

Dr. A. Nagender Reddy

Modernisation of the Museum

To study the methods of display, documentation, conservation aspects, storage, use of technology for modernization, security, private I public participation in Museum development.

Manvi Seth

Enhancing Visitor Experience

To study the practices of Museum visitors and access studies at the Learning & Visitor Services Department

Poulomi Das

Narrative, Interpretation and Display of the V&A collections

For research study on how interpretation is planned and developed within the V&A museum, London.

Nizamuddin Taher

Interaction with the Museum

To attend workshops on museum education, interactive communication and their display techniques.

Bessie Cecil

 Kodali Karuppur textiles

A study of the 17th century Kodali Karuppur textiles from South India and Watson's volume by Dr. J. Forbes Watson.

Sanam Ali Khan

Caring for Paper Collections

To learn sophisticated techniques used in paper conservation like consolidation of flaking, float washing inlaying.

Dr. Shajan K.P.

Malabar coast: Trade systems in the early historic period

The proposed programme was mainly intended to collect literature on Indo-Roman trade, and to interact with experts in the UK and Europe in the field of early historic Indian ocean trade, to gain knowledge of the imported ceramics of the Roman period and Gulf region, and to get expertise in the newly emerging field of geo-archaeology. The research was carried out at the Centre of South East Asian Studies, the School of Oriental and African Studies, and various other institutions in the UK.

Maninder Singh Gill

Restoration and Conservation of Mughal Ceramics

Art Conservation Solutions for a technical analysis of glazed title work decoration on Mughal monuments