UK Visiting Fellowship

V Selvakumar

Research on the boat discovered at Taikkal-Kadakkarappally and training on Maritime Archaeology

The award allowed me to undertake training in maritime archaeology and to carry out research on a boat discovered at Taikkal Kadakkarappally at Southampton and other UK centres

Dr Amarendra Kumar Singh

Documenting the Rewa temples

A study of photographic documentation on Rewa temples in UK institutions.

Dr Sangeeta Dasgupta

Tribe? Images of the orient

To study the concept of the 'Tribe' by means of an analysis of images of the orient in European museum and colonial records.

Dr Alok Kumar Kanungo

Naga ornaments

To study 19 century Naga ornaments in UK collections as part of a study of Naga culture, external trade and influence

Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Conservation, Collections and Museum Management

For training in paper conservation and museum management at the V&A and other museums

Priyanka Vaid

Collections Care at the National Museums Liverpool

To study paper and oil painting conservation at the Conservation Centre, National Museums Liverpool

Satarupa Dutta

Satgaon Quilts

To study Satgaon quilts (lindo-Portuguese trade textiles from Bengal) and related materials in the V&A museum, London, and other UK institutions

Dr Sarita Khettry

Mahayana iconography in Gandhara

To study the collections of Gandharan art in UK museums and institutions in relation to a planned monograph on Mahayana iconography in Gandhara

Dr Padmanabh Samarendra

Science, colonial state and indigenous opinions

For a research study entitled Science, colonial state and indigenous opinions: enumeration of caste by H.H.Risley, at the British Library and other UK institutions

Arundhati Banerjee

Pre-Kushan Terracotta Figurines

To study collections in the UK as part of a study of the chronology of terracotta figurines of Pre-Kushan times from the Gandharan region