Lahiri Sutapa Gita

The re-examination of material from the Harappan sites of Haryana, with reference to settlement archaeology, ethnoarcheology and paleo diet

R Ramesh

The examination of emerging settlement patterns between the Iron Age and the Medieval period in Salem region of Tamilnadu

SB Darsana

A study of burial customs in Tamil Nadu through the ages

Nitin Narhar Hadap

Survey, Documentation and study of Konkan woodwork art tradition

I undertook this project soon after submission of my doctoral thesis to the Department of Archaeology, Deccan College, Pune in 2012. This award has helped me in conducting village to village survey of the wooden temple architecture that mostly belongs to 18th to 20th century. This is observed in the Konkan region of Maharashtra. The challenge was to document the wooden structure before its further deterioration by the weather and human encroachment (In this region a new concept, rather fad is spreading speedily which is harmful to the heritage structures.

Dr Ambika Bipin Patel

Alternate Ways of Learning: A Study of Museum Educational Programs of UK Museums for School Children

The award was received by me when I was working as Curator-Assistant Professor at Department of Archaeology and Ancient History. It was an excellent exposure to me to interact with museum professionals in UK especially museum educators at V&A, British Museum, Museum of London, Kensington Palace, Horniman, Courtlaud, Museum of Childhood, North Hancock Museum, Durham University museum, Discovery Museum, Beamish Museum etc. so as to enrich my practical knowledge on museum education and extension.

Ms. Joyee Roy (Ghosh)

Works of the British Artists in India and U.K. in the period from 18th to 19th centuries on India - a comparative study on styles, techniques and themes etc.

The ‘U.K. Visiting Fellowship 2013-14 awarded by the Nehru Trust for the Indian collections of V&A Museum, U.K.  helped me to enhance my knowledge on British Art and British artists of 18th & 19th centuries who worked mainly on Indian subjects. Through my project I tried to pursue a comparative study between the British artists of 18th-19th centuries, who came to India and depicted and documented the subcontinent truthfully and those who never came to India but depicted India on the basis of primary and secondary resources, i.e.