Ms. Moumita Ghosh

Ms. Moumita Ghosh

Ivory carving tradition of Murshidabad

Researcher in Lord Cultural Resources Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai for Bihar Museum Project.

This award was given to me when I was working as a Curatorial Assistant in Indian Museum, Kolkata. It was timely and encouraged me to work on Ivory collection of Indian Museum and also the collection of other museums in India. While working on this project I found most of the museums have fantastic collection of Ivory carving not only from Murshidabad but also from different parts of India.

It has encouraged me to study further on this subject and found lot of scope for comparative studies with contemporary art forms. It was helped me to articulate by using photographs and working on archival material.

I published an article on Ivory carving tradition of Murshidabad last year, and have been invited to work on broader perspective of Ivory carving.