Mr. Vrushab Mahesh

Mr. Vrushab Mahesh

Study of Oral Traditions and Contemporary Practices Associated with Veergals (hero stones) in Hassan District Karnataka.

UGC Junior Research Fellow and PhD candidate, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History, The Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Vadodara

The award of the grant allowed me to undertake extensive surveys and interact with the local communities, thereby further enriching my knowledge on the memorial stone tradition in Karnataka. It allowed me to experiment with diverse methodologies in practice and formulate a medium to integrate them to bring out a meaningful interpretation of data.

The project undertaken was an integral part of my doctoral thesis. The study has so far allowed me to develop myself in the nuances of archaeology and ethnography and will hold m in good stead when I undertake other projects.


The results of the present project are as yet unpublished, although I have presented other aspects of the memorial stone tradition as oral presentations in several conferences and 2 papers published.