About the NTICVA

His Excellency Alexander Ellis

His Excellency Alexander Ellis is the current British High Commissioner to the Republic of India.

Previously, Alex worked as Deputy National Security Adviser for the Integrated Review on foreign and security policy. He was also Director General in the Department for Exiting the EU for three years.

Alex has extensive experience in security issues, EU and strategy, including as:

  • DExEU Director General responsible for the UK-EU security partnership, international agreements with the UK’s closest partners and domestic and EU engagement on Brexit.
  • British Ambassador to Brazil, (2013 - 2017) and Portugal (2007-10).
  • Director of Strategy in the Foreign Office responsible for developing new tools for improving FCO and government policy.
  • Member of the cabinet of the President of the European Commission, with responsibility for energy, climate change, competition, development, trade and strategy; and before that in the UK Representation to the EU working on the negotiations to establish the euro, the seven year budget, and then institutional issues including the Treaty of Nice.

Alex has worked in the British Embassy in Madrid and started his civil service career as part of the team supporting the transition to multi party democracy in South Africa, following the release of Nelson Mandela.