India Travel Award

Dr John Clarke

Himalayan collections at the V&A

Research towards a catalogue of the Himalayan collection in the V&A Museum

Rosemary Crill

Rajasthani paintings

A study of Rajput culture and society and their representation in Rajasthani paintings

Dr Sudeshna Guha

Ethno-archaeological survey of pastoral groups in Gujarat

Dr Pratipal Bhatia

Indo-Sasanian coins

For costs of materials & photographs relating to her study of Indo-Sasanian coins in UK collections

Dr Nathalie Tobert

Sites of Pilgramage

To study pilgrimage sites in South India and to collect related contemporary artefacts for the Horniman Museum

Nicholas Barnard

Early Indian sculpture

For fieldwork relating to the study of early Indian sculpture

Gillian Shona Ray

Paper Conservation in India

To take part in discussions on training and education programmes in paper conservation in India and to study popular art on paper in collections in Bengal

John Stanley

The Circulation of Indian Textiles

For research relating to his study of Indian trade textiles to SE Asia and Japan

Amin Jaffer

Anglo-Indian furniture

Fieldwork relating to the study of Anglo-Indian furniture, 1740-1800

Divia Patel

Indian Contemporary Art