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A study of Udaipur miniature painters.

Conservation treatment of The Sword of Damocles by Antoine Dubost at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (CSMVS Museum) in Mumbai

I was awarded a grant in order to live in Mumbai and work at the CSMVS Museum in Mumbai for 7 weeks. I worked on The Sword of Damocles by Antoine Dubost, as part of an ongoing collaborative project between the Courtauld Institute for Art and the CSMVS Museum. I gained valuable experience in painting conservation treatments such as removing old disfiguring retouching and varnishing large scale works. I collaborated with Indian conservators, learning new approaches and sharing ideas. .

Conservation treatment of The Sword of Damocles by Antoine Dubost at the CSMVS museum in Mumbai, India.

At the CSMVS I learnt a great deal from the experienced and talented conservators working in the museum. Working in an environment where the high level of humidity could compromise treatments was complex. We relished the challenge of finding alternative techniques or methods due to the unavailability of conservation materials. Our role was in providing a visual knowledge and art historical context to the aesthetic treatment of this important piece of Western art, ensuring the treatment decisions were visually sympathetic to the context of the work.

Visual regimes and enduring narratives in Tamil Nadu.