Nehru Trust Awards

Nehru Trust Awards

The Trust aims to achieve its mission by making it possible for scholars and professionals from India and the UK to develop and share skills relevant to these subjects and to gain access to Indian cultural resources both in India and in the UK.

The Trust’s primary activity is an annual awards programme for individual scholars and museum professionals from both countries in order to enable them to study, carry out research or undertake training in both India and the UK. The awards programme is announced each autumn; awards are made in late March and must be taken up within the subsequent year (1 April to 31 March).

The Trust also administers grants on behalf of the V&A Jain Art Fund, and works in collaboration with the Charles Wallace India Trust with whom it offers an annual joint UK Visiting Fellowship.


Dr Manda M Nandurkar

A study of folk songs of the tribal community of Maharashtra

Dr. Sunil Gupta

Preparation of the manuscript of "Roman Egypt, Early Historic India and Indian Ocean lands"

Dr. A.K. Singh

Archaeological Materials in the British Library

To carry out research on papers relating to archaeological research in Rewa and in the British Library.

Dr. A. Nagender Reddy

Modernisation of the Museum

To study the methods of display, documentation, conservation aspects, storage, use of technology for modernization, security, private I public participation in Museum development.

Manvi Seth

Enhancing Visitor Experience

To study the practices of Museum visitors and access studies at the Learning & Visitor Services Department

Sila Tripati

Monsoons and the Maritime: Trade in India from an archaeological perspective

Before the discovery of the monsoon winds by Hippalus in AD 45–47, the mariners of the east coast of India were aware of the monsoon wind and currents and used them for maritime trade. The maritime trade from India to Southeast Asia was a seasonal phenomenon. The distribution of Buddhist settlements, discovery of varieties of pottery, beads and inscriptions along the ports and trade centres point to active maritime trade between India and Southeast Asia.

Jessica Ransley

Maritime Trade in Kerala 

For research on traditional boats of Keralan backwaters.

Gethin Rees

Rock Cui Caves

Research on Rock Cui Caves of the Western Ghats.

Ainsley Cameron

The Painting Tradition of Devgarh

To study the development and transfer of style in the late 18th and early 19th century painting tradition of Devgarh, a small court in Mewar, Rajasthan.

Riza Abbas

For study of anthropomorphic forms in the prehistoric rock art of the Chambal basin