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A study of British Artists who worked in India in the period from the 18th to the 19th centuries.

Nath Sadhus in Indian Paintings

The grant enabled me to refer to the visual imagery and textual sources of the Naths (both primary and secondary) present at British Library and SOAS. With this material in hand, I felt confident to cross the barrier of centuries and incorporate material also from Mughal and Pahari courts in my work which earlier only focused on the nineteenth century.

Research, study and display of historical arms and armour of Saurashtra, Gujarat, and Rajputana

The grant assisted with documentation of conservation and display techniques for arms and armour in the UK and was held in conjunction with a UK Travel Award.

A study of the murals of Alchi monastery

This grant was to facilitate research for my MA dissertation, and was a great help. It supported my travel to Leh and Alchi as well as enabling me to photo document the monasteries of Alchi.