Small Study and Research Grant (India)

Ayesha Fatama

To document the folk costume Collection of Ruhelkhand, Bundelkhand, Braj, Bhojpur & Awadh region in the folk Art Museum and other Govt. Museum of U.P.

Anjali Duhan

Nath religion and Kanphata Sadhus

Dr. Ramdas Govindrao Chaware

Warhadi Rural life and Baromas

C.V. Sharada

To document observe and understand present animal species and their exploitation patterns to compare and correlate with archaeological record in Haryana India through ethnographic surveys.

Tilok Thakuria

To understand the techno-typology, raw material use, distribution and socio-economic significance of Mahurjhari beads

Nazia Irshad

To study the traditional craftsmanship of brass metal work and photographic documentation of the famous artefacts from Mughal period manufactured in Moradabad city

Anil Dwivedi

Documentation, problems and detailed conservation plan of the few selected objects

V. Selvakumar

To investigate the early historic settlements and trade routes in the Area of Pudukottai and Sivagangai regions

Dr Manjiri Bhalerao

Documentation of lesser known Buddhist rock-cut caves at Bhandara (1st to 2nd centuries CE) and Shelarwadi Dist Pune (3rd century CE)

Dr Arati Deshpande-Mukherjee

Formal training in scientific techniques for application in molluscan research in Indian archaeology

The UK Visiting Fellowship came at an appropriate time when I was involved in studying past molluscan utilisation on the Indian west coast. It enabled me to initiate application of a specific technique which would not have been possible in India due to financial constraints and lack of expertise. Since my PhD in 1995, my analysis of marine molluscan shells from some of the sites belonging to the Harappan civilisation in coastal Gujarat has revealed their potential in archaeological interpretations.