Small Study and Research Grant (India)

Riza Abbas

For study of anthropomorphic forms in the prehistoric rock art of the Chambal basin

C.V. Sharada

For study on bone modifications done by carnivores.

Dr. C. Maheswaran

For research study on the Decorative Pottery Lids of Megalithic Nilgiris

Jennifer Chowdhry

For documentation of the collection of Jhajjar museum

P. Umachandra Maheswari

Music Pillars in southern Tamilnadu

Mrinalini Singh

For comparative study of the behaviour of pigments in different media

Byanktesh Narain Singh

Professional documentation and archiving of retrieval system of audio-visual materials.

Valentina Doley

For research on documentation of traditional bamboo and wood crafts

Shagufta Bhardwaj Parekh

For study of 19th century paintings of the manuscripts Nath Charit and Nath Purana painted at Jodhpur

Anjali Duhan

Study of mural tradition of Haryana from mid 19th to mid 20th centuries.