UK Travel Award

Dr V Selvakumar

To attend and deliver a paper at the international conference "Proto-globalisation in the Indian Ocean world: multidisciplinary perspectives" in Oxford, UK.

Pankaj Sharma

Understanding processes and practices of Collection Management at the V&A

The award gave me opportunity to understand the Collection Management System. It has enhanced my knowledge to adopt and create an effective collection management system in the museum where I am working. After coming back to India, I have given plans to adopt a proper collection management system, to undertake the digitization of the entire collection, re-organise the storage by using modern technologies, to undertake auditing and spot check of the collections.

Pankaj Sharma

The study of the processes and practices of documentation and collections management at the V&A, to assess their usefulness in the Indian context.

Suchandra Ghosh

Buddhist votive tablets from South and South-East Asia in the collections of the British Museum, Oxford and Edinburgh.

Rohini Pande Ambekar

Scientific clearance at Augustine Complex

Savita Chaudhry

Identity, status & community in Jaina Ramayanas

To study material at V&A and British Museum on identity, status & community in Jaina Ramayanas

Nizammudin Taher

Care of Cultural Heritage Sites

To make a study of world heritage sites in UK (including Stonehenge, Avebury and Bath) with regard to their management and conservation.

Prapanna Vandana Anurag

Miniature Paintings in the UK

Methods of display and interpretation of Indian miniature paintings at the Victoria and Albert Museum and other UK museums, in respect of the display and interpretation of Indian miniature paintings.

Savita Kumari

Curating 19th Century Indian Art

To consult UK collections for research on the art and architecture of India in the 19th century.

Dr V Selvakumar

Death, Dying and Disposal

To attend the conference "Death, Dying and Disposal" (September 2009) at Durham University's Centre for Death and Life Studies.