Small Study and Research Grant (India)

Kalsi Deepshika

A study of textile conservation in Indian museums, and experiments to demonstrate the deleterious effect of light on textiles

Dr V Selvakumar

A critique of rock art research in India

Balagouni Krishna Goud

A study of jatprole jamindari

R Selvam

For video-documentation of ornamental shell industries of the Ramanathapuram coast of Tamil Nadu

Jayasri Kar Chaudhuri

A survey of major black and red ware sites in Birbhum District, West Bengal

Dr Amrendra Kumar Singh

For exploration and documentation of architectural remains in eastern India

K Moortheswari

To study the tradition of sepulchral temples in South India

Subbiah Thangavelu

Research on iconometry and icon makers.

Medha Bhatt

A study and catalogue of the designs of the Banjara, Koruba, Rathva and other tribes

Vira Shah

A study of the cultural context of structural temples in medieval (11th to 14th century) Maharashtra