Small Study and Research Grant (India)

K S Chitra

A study of the religious objects of the Lingayat community in Kodagu District, Karnataka

Maninder Singh Gill

For research on technical aspects of glazed tile work

Meenakshi Sharma

A photographic study of festivals of the Kinmaura tribe in Himachal Pradesh

Tiatoshi Jamir

For ethnoarchaeological research on the mortuary practices of the Chakhesang Nagas

U N Sudharkarudu

Documentary research on transitions in the Telegu leather shadow puppet art form

Dr N Jayavidya

Documentation study of fine arts in a Tripuvanam temple

Anaja Joshi

A study of Kumaoni Folk Art traditions

Alok Kumar Kanungo

An ethnoarchaeological study of glass beads in Purdalpur

Lathashree K S

A village to village survey of Chamarajanagar district to document temple myths and legends

Ambika Bipin Patel

To study and document collections in Archaeological Museums in Kerala