Small Study and Research Grant (India)

Julie Barooah

A study of the masks (Mukha) of Assam in their socio-cultural context

Dr Raju Pounderai

A study of the umbrella in Tamil art

Dr G Bhaskaran

To study the cultural background of the Thiruvannaikka temple

P Sam Sathiaraj

A descriptive catalogue of select hero stones and memorial stones

Dr Sima Roy Chowdhury

A survey of the Jaina sculptural tradition in Bengal

Navajyoti Saharia

A study of the bell-metal industry of Assam - its past, present and future

N Athiyaman

A study of building and sailing of Vattai, a traditional boat of the Tamil Nadu coast

Deepthi Sasidharan

A case study of Christian art at Rachol, Goa

Sangeeta Dutta

A study of the sacred complex in Majuli, Assam

D K Sebak

For documentary study of temples of the upper Mahanadi and Tej valleys, Orissa