Nehru Trust Awards

Nehru Trust Awards

The Trust aims to achieve its mission by making it possible for scholars and professionals from India and the UK to develop and share skills relevant to these subjects and to gain access to Indian cultural resources both in India and in the UK.

The Trust’s primary activity is an annual awards programme for individual scholars and museum professionals from both countries in order to enable them to study, carry out research or undertake training in both India and the UK. The awards programme is announced each autumn; awards are made in late March and must be taken up within the subsequent year (1 April to 31 March).

The Trust also administers grants on behalf of the V&A Jain Art Fund, and works in collaboration with the Charles Wallace India Trust with whom it offers an annual joint UK Visiting Fellowship.


N Athiyaman

Technology of Megalithic structures in Tamil Nadu

These funds were very useful as seed money for ethnographic study in the Tamil region. Based on the above project, the following article was published: "Ethno-archaeology of stone-quarrying in Tamil Nadu - with special reference to Megalithic archaeology.

Manjusha Sharma

A conservation study of the effects of earlier used biotic material and contemporary synthetic material on camel hide

Balaji Pallavaram Daivaprasad

Research of the origin and development of the Ganesa cult in Tamil Nadu

Kakoli Barkakoti

Assamese paintings in UK

Dr Kalpana K T Adikonda

Documentation of artefacts from India housed in UK museums

Kristine Michael

Indian studio pottery movement

I work as a practising ceramic artist in New Delhi and Pondicherry. I began my research projects as self-initiated ones, because as a part time visiting faculty at the TVB School of Habitat Studies, IIT Design Centre, Bombay, and the MS University Baroda, I realised the lack of any scholarship in the area of ceramics by art historians. I wanated to teach about the Indian historical engagement with ceramics, seeing myself at the present end of a long line of makers.

Pratip Kumar Mitra

An investigation of the medieval cities of Gaur and Pandua

For study and documentation of unpublished UK archives and collections relating to the medieval cities of Gaur and Pandua

Vikas Dilawari

Past in Present: Care of the Gothic Revival

Although I had been in the UK for a year and had obtained an MA in Conservation Studies from the Institute of Advanced Arhitectural Studies, University of York on a Charles Wallace India Trust scholarship, and had formal qualifications, I was lacking practical training. This is where the Fellowship was tailor made. In India I had the distinction of being one of the earliest practicising conservation architectects, but in retrospect I feel that this fellowship made all the difference to my career.

Dr. Sunil Gupta

Study of Mediterranean pottery and other material relating to early trade in the Indian Ocean.

In my three month stay in the UK, I worked with Professor David Peacock and his team in the Department of Archaeology at the University of Southampton. We jointly wrote a paper on Mediterranean amphorae from Nevasa India. I produced a scond paper on " Impact of Indo-Roman trade of western India", which was published in the Journal of South Asian Studies of the British Academy. The award gave me the opportunity to initiate meaningful collaborations with scholars in the UK. I have delivered lectures at various institutes and academic gatherings in India and abroad.

Dr J Raja Mohamad

Coromandel trade

Along with the UK Visiting Fellowship this enabled me to collect data on the subject of the Coromandel English trade from UK institutions.