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Study of Jaina sculptures and paintings in UK Museums

Several new ideas and materials which emerged through the research in the UK collections helped me in my future researches. The award widened my knowledge and mental horizons.

An internship to study the latest techniques relating to the conservation of paintings at the Hamilton Kerr Institute, Cambridge University.

My internship in the paper conservation department at the Hamilton Kerr Institute at the University of Cambridge was really interesting and exciting. It is not an exaggeration if I sawy it is a well equipped conservation studio with highly experienced conservators. My aim was to learn some advanced techniques implemented in conservation, mainly on Indian miniature paintings and western paintings on paper. I was looking for various techniques on consolidation, lining of paper paintings, relaxing of cockled and wrinkled paintings, filling of missing areas and mounting techniques.

Study of the Pithora paintings by the Rathwas of Chhota Nagpur

I had been wanting to work on the Pithora paintings made by the Rathwas as a part of their religious traditions. The award enabled me to supplement library work with empirical fieldwork. This enabled me to develop a perspective on the social and religious belief patterns of the community. It will also help me in conducting further comparative research.

European influences in Mughal painting and decorative arts

The award helped me in the collection of photographs and reading materials and in accessing original manuscripts easil from various museums and libraries in India and thus increasing the value of my study.  I subsequently took up a PhD in the same subject at the National Museum Institute.