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Study of Mithila Painting

From the very beginning I was planning to gain a knowledge of the layers of Mithila painting, especially its relationship with other practices of folk-art. I was, and still am, of the opinion that Mighila painting is a living tradition which is supported by many other folk practices of the region. Its history, myths, usefulness, sociology, social significance, ritual normative patterns, hidden philosophy and last, but not least, the creativity of the women who paint, are very important factors to know.

A study of  Bihara ki Laka Kalayen, the Folk Art of Bihar

This grant assisted me in my research work for a PhD dissertation on folk art in Bihar. The PhD dissertation was submitted in 2001.

Dokra Bronzes of Tribal India

This award gave me an opportunity to do fieldwork and learn the technique of lost-wax process in Dokra bronze-casting. As a student of Design (BFA) I was able to use the technique to make jewellery and incorporate the Dokra Bronze tribal forms in two dimensional textile design. Having graduated from Kala Bhavana, Visva Bharati University Santiniketan, I am embarking (2001) on History of Art at the National Museum Institute, New Delhi. I have also made a proposal for research for a Junior Fellowship in Visual Art from the Department of Culture (Govt of India).

Terracottas of Bihar (600 BC to 1000 AD)

The grant was very useful in preparing my MA dissertation in this subject and increased my interest in it. I am now (2001) pursuing my PhD in the field of terracotta art. I have published articles on contemporary terracotta art of Mithila (Bihar) and taught related subjects to MA students.