Category List

Study of Jaina sculptures and paintings in UK Museums

Several new ideas and materials which emerged through the research in the UK collections helped me in my future researches. The award widened my knowledge and mental horizons.

Iconography of Narasimha as portrayed in literature and sculpture with special reference to Tamilnadu

The topic chosen for the first award was not a usual one and I had to visit most of the places from where I had drawn reference. The fieldwork done for this award was a very exciting experience it helped me to look into many other aspects connected with t. The study has actually resulted in a source book for future reference and this is in my opinion the most satisfying part of the Study Grant.

Study of the origin and spread of Buddhism in Tamil Nadu with special reference to the Chola country

I felt very happy at the time of receiving the award as my burden was reduced to some extent. For my thesis " Buddhism in the Chola country" I had to cover nearly 100 villages in and around the region. During the fieldwork I was able to photograph nearly 50 granite Buddhas in the area for which the only financial support was the NTICVA grant. I was also able to contact museums inside and outside India to get photographs of Nagapattinam Buddha bronze sculptures. The grant allowed me to carry out and complete this work in a nice manner.

Study and documentation of Chola Bronzes in the museums of India

This award was a timely help, when I was planning to document the Chola bronzes in and around the Thanjavur region for the visitors of our museum. After getting this award, I extended the area for collecting data on Chola bronzes to the museums of India. This gave me an opportunity to acquire the latest museum techniques and to gain more information about the provenance of Chola bronzes kept in different museums. I plan to bring out a small catalogue about Chola bronzes which will be useful to our visitors.