Small Study and Research Grant (India)

R Balasubramanian

To study the documentation on wood carvings in the collections of the Government museums in Tamil Nadu

Dr Hari Shanker

Terracotta art of the Varanasi region

Swati Chatterjee

To study the Lingaraja temple, Bhubaneswar, Orissa

Om Anand Sharma

To research and identify some indigenous materials suitable for cold re-lining of oil paintings

Deepanjana Danda

To study the emergence of Brahminical cave Architecture

Asiya Shervani

Prehistoric cave art of the Bhimbetka complex

The grant was received after I had completed background research on this project and was ready to go for my first field trip, an essential part of any archaeological research project. It allowed me to carry out fieldwork in Bhimbetka, Madhya Pradesh,  and adjoining areas. This was my first field trip and had an enormous impact on my career in Archaeology. It formed the basis of my study and helped me to crystallize my ideas. After receiving this award I have continued with my research and documentation work on other sites in similar geographical settings.

Dr G Kulathuran

Pillar sculptures of the Mahamandapa of Ramaswamy Temple

The findings of the project were communicated in national seminars. Based on these pilot studies I have now (2001) undertaken a major project, funded by the University Grants Commission. Simultaneously I have been doing a PhD on the ecological and environmental impact on monuments and their conservation and hope to develop this in the context of temple studies. The funding shortages in my institution were balanced by the timely awards received from your Trust, and my project work was also considered as part of my career development evaluation by my institution.

Arvind Kumar

Terracottas of Bihar (600 BC to 1000 AD)

The grant was very useful in preparing my MA dissertation in this subject and increased my interest in it. I am now (2001) pursuing my PhD in the field of terracotta art. I have published articles on contemporary terracotta art of Mithila (Bihar) and taught related subjects to MA students.

Mrinalini Mani

To study the iconic paintings of the Thanjavur and Mysore schools with regard to the materials and techniques adopted to aid their conservation


European influences in Mughal painting and decorative arts

The award helped me in the collection of photographs and reading materials and in accessing original manuscripts easil from various museums and libraries in India and thus increasing the value of my study.  I subsequently took up a PhD in the same subject at the National Museum Institute.