Small Study and Research Grant (India)

Shanti Swarup Sinha

Anugraha images of Siva

The award, granted when I was pursuing my research for a PhD at Banaras Hindu University, helped me with data collection from museums and sites in Madhya Pradesh and Orissa as well as west and south India. I achieved my PhD and published two articles and presented two papers in national seminars in the years immediately following that while pursuing post-doctoral research. My academic career has continued.

Dr Atul Chandra Bhowmick

Tribal wall painting of West Bengal

The grant allowed me to develop my interest in tribal culture and society and painting, and to photographically document tribal art. It will be published by the Council of Cultural Growth and Cultural Relations Cuttack. The grant gave me self-confidence in fieldwork; I use the research in teaching and have inspired colleagues in the subject.

Smita Chakraborty

A socio-religious study of rare Icons of Brahminical deities

K Neelakandan Tanur

A survey of Ravi Varma paintings

Sharmila Das

A study of the cultural contribution of the Gajapati rulers of Orissa

Dr Usha Rani Tewari

A study of the art of the transition-phase in Northern India

Dr V Jeyaraj

A technical study of the Coins of the Nawabs of Arcot

Gina Kapur

A study of the floral motif in Mughal decorative art

Sudhir Kumar

A study of Madhubani paintings