Nehru Trust Awards

Nehru Trust Awards

The Trust aims to achieve its mission by making it possible for scholars and professionals from India and the UK to develop and share skills relevant to these subjects and to gain access to Indian cultural resources both in India and in the UK.

The Trust’s primary activity is an annual awards programme for individual scholars and museum professionals from both countries in order to enable them to study, carry out research or undertake training in both India and the UK. The awards programme is announced each autumn; awards are made in late March and must be taken up within the subsequent year (1 April to 31 March).

The Trust also administers grants on behalf of the V&A Jain Art Fund, and works in collaboration with the Charles Wallace India Trust with whom it offers an annual joint UK Visiting Fellowship.


S K S Kushwaha

For the study of 17th century miniature painting of Sahibdin and Manohar of the Mewar school

Dr J Raja Mohamad

Islamic architecture in Tamil Nadu

This award was instrumental to carry out a research study on a litte known subject - the Islamic architecture in Tamil Nadu, and was only possible to achieve because of the award.

Sathyabhama Badreenath

Iconography of Narasimha as portrayed in literature, sculpture and painting

Jayati Mukherjee

The study of Baroda print-makers and their contribution to trends in modern Indian art

S Preetha Nair

To study the Kerala ritual art form Kalam-Eluttu

Sathyabhama Badhreenath

Iconography of Narasimha as portrayed in literature and sculpture with special reference to Tamilnadu

The topic chosen for the first award was not a usual one and I had to visit most of the places from where I had drawn reference. The fieldwork done for this award was a very exciting experience it helped me to look into many other aspects connected with t. The study has actually resulted in a source book for future reference and this is in my opinion the most satisfying part of the Study Grant.

Ganga Joshi

To study temple architecture and sculpture of the Kajuri dynasty in the Kumaon hills of Uttar Pradesh

Sardari Lal Sharma

To study the Buddhist monuments of Kashmir

Dr Himanshu Prabha Ray

Trade in India

For costs of materials and photographs of British archaeological collections relating to early trade in the Indian subcontinent