Small Study and Research Grant (India)

Alok Tripathi

Ships in Ancient Indian Art

There are a good number of ships represented in ancient Indian art, which are valuable evidence, capable of throwing light on ancient Indian shipping and shipbuilding technology. Some of these representations were referred to by scholars here and there, but no complete and systematic study of these ships was carried out.

Pankaj Dixit

Studying the development of South Indian architecture: from rock-cut caves to Hampi

Ramakrishna Vedala

A study of the influence of Matisse upon Indian Modern Art

Mannu Gounder Gandhi

For the study of the architecture and sculpture of Saivite, Chola temples of South Arcot District

I was able to study 80 temples and their sculptures in South Arcot, thus increasing my knowledge of this subject. I subsequently registered for a PhD degree.

Soumhya Venkatesan

The process and results of the commercialisation of Warli tribal Painting

I would like to thank the Trustees for their timely and generous awards. The first award allowed me to conduct research among the Warli tribe in Maharashtra and to write up the results of this research for my MA dissertation at the National Museum Institute in Delhi. After my MA and spurred on by my work on the Warlis I moved to Cambridge (UK) in 1994 to do an M Phil in Social Anthropology.The M Phil was funded by a Cambridge ODASS award. I subsequently took a PhD on matweaving in South India at the University of Cambridge and now teach at the University of Manchester.

Chandra Mohan Musunuri

A study of the Sculpture and Architecture of the Kakatiyas

Gauri Parimoo Krishnan

Comparative research on Devangana, Surasunari and Apsara sculptures

Anjan Chakraverty

Study of Shikargarh motifs in the miniature paintings and textiles of Mughal North India

This award enabled me to do fieldwork in the Varanasi area and to document research material in the Indian Museum Calcutta, and the National Museum in New Delhi. This impacted on my later research, writing and teaching. 

Shiv Kumar Sharma

Research on the Ramayana theme in Indian and South-East Asian painting

Rekha Tandon

Study and Photo-Documentation of Orissan temple architecture