Small Study and Research Grant (India)

Ajit Kumar

Sculptural Bas reliefs in Western Indian Caves (2nd Century BC to 3rd Century AD)

During 1990 Shri N M Deshpande, one of the doyens of Indian archaeology, suggetsed that as nobody had studied the sculptural bas reliefs in early Buddhist caves in Maharashtra, I should try to study them. While conducting the primary study on the area, I was transferred to Madras, and lost hope of continuing my interest with this transfer and shelved the project, but a friend suggested that I apply to the NTICVA for a grant. I did so and was very happy to receive the grant.

S K S Kushwaha

For the study of 17th century miniature painting of Sahibdin and Manohar of the Mewar school

Dr J Raja Mohamad

Islamic architecture in Tamil Nadu

This award was instrumental to carry out a research study on a litte known subject - the Islamic architecture in Tamil Nadu, and was only possible to achieve because of the award.

Jayati Mukherjee

The study of Baroda print-makers and their contribution to trends in modern Indian art

S Preetha Nair

To study the Kerala ritual art form Kalam-Eluttu

Sardari Lal Sharma

To study the Buddhist monuments of Kashmir

Anu Gupta

Documentation of paper stencilling from Mathura

A Das Gupta

Modernism in India: A Study

Dr Bansilal Malla

A Study of tree worship in Ancient India

Sanjoy Kumar Mallik

A study of Seventeenth Century Malwa miniatures