Small Study and Research Grant (India)

Richa Kamboj

A study of  the European influence on Mughal painting and decorative art in Indian museum collections

The award helped me tremendously in completing my dissertation as part of my studies and research programme while doing my MA final in History of Art at the National Museum Institute, New Delhi. It helped me visit various museums and monuments in Delhi, Agra, Varanasi, Jaipur, and Rampur, to study the original works and also obtain the photographs. It enriched my work in quality as well in the comprehensiveness of my analysis and conclusions. Some of the visuals were included for the first time ever in my report.

M Nandakumar

Contemporary Art in Public Spaces

Dipak Bhattacharya

A study of Company Paintings of Murshidabad, Patna and Calcutta

The award facilitated my resarch on company paintings and gave me the crucial direction for my investigation. This award with my other NTICVA award

Sabiha Rajan

To collect material for teaching Indian art in schools

Belur Shambu Chandini

Study of Sculpture collections in the Bangalore Government Museum, in relation to the original sites

Rangaswamy Sarangan

A study of Sculptural Figures and Ornament relief in Indian Temples

Shyala Mysore Chandrasekhar

A critique on Ajanta Mural Painting

This grant helped me further my career as an artist. As a student it was a real encouragement to an amateur artists to explore about Ajanta and its great art and this is still helping me with my approach towards art.

Sima Roy Chowdury

For the study of the art of Mathura, Sanci and Amaravathi